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Should You Build, Remodel or Purchase Your Home?

You are either considering whether you should build, remodel or purchase your home or have already decided. Regardless of which route you choose to go, you are in the right place. Building, remodeling or purchasing a home is one of the most stressful, time intensive and expensive investments you can make. There is more that goes into each of these than one would think and each has a tendency to be more expensive than you bargain for.

Some people want to choose every detail of their home, from their floor plan to the orientation of their house to the sun. Others would rather work within an established framework of an already built house and change the finishes, such as paint, flooring and kitchen cabinets. Still, others feel overwhelmed by those details and would rather buy a home they love and have the nitty-gritty detail work already done.

Should You Build?

Does the thought of finding a parcel of raw land to build a house thrill you? Do you think about all the home building details – from researching local builders to sketching your own floor plans to show an architect? When you walk around your current home, do you make lists of how you would change this feature or that layout? Can you make decisions within a designated time and not waver from it? And finally, are you willing to wait for all the pieces to come together? If you answered yes to most of these questions, then you most likely would enjoy the home building process.

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    Waiting for your dream home to be built takes time! Let's discuss the process of building your home. (Click to read Home Buying Wants and Wishes)

Should You Remodel?

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Does the idea of “flipping” a house excite you, or does the very thought make you cringe? Does your current stage in life allow you to allocate your time to a remodeling project. Are you someone who likes a project, or ongoing projects? Can you communicate your vision clearly and make decisions efficiently, within a budget? Is it easy for you to ask questions instead of assuming everyone is on the same page? Are you financially prepared to potentially spend 30% more than your budget? If you said yes to most of these questions, then remodeling a home may be a satisfying endeavor for you.

Should You Purchase an Existing Home?

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Do you find decisions hard to make? Is it difficult for you to see a home’s potential beneath the shag carpet and wood paneling? Do you tend to get overwhelmed by too many design choices because you like them all? Are you adaptable to your environment and feel at home wherever you live? If you said yes to most of these questions, then you may enjoy purchasing an already built home, where you feel like you could move right in.

Next Steps…

To narrow down your decision even more, read the various articles within the Build, Remodel and Purchase categories. It will be important to research what is involved within each process and learn as much as you can about that process until you are informed enough to positively make a decision. The more you know, the more enjoyable your home finding process will be.

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