Bright Kitchen with light wood cabinets

My Ex Kitchens

My kitchen and I are still working on our relationship. I appreciate that my kitchen provides a space to store such important things as my coffee and wine. But I keep struggling with its inability to clean up after itself. Over the years I have experienced some kitchens that have stepped up more than others and gained some wisdom along the way.

Whether it was an L-shape kitchen made for one cook, or a gourmet kitchen with a large island and butler pantry, I held high expectations for each kitchen I lived with. Hoping that each one might make me a better cook than the previous kitchen before, only to find that my own efforts were necessary to make a meal a success. Instead of more refined meals, I became more aware of the flaws each kitchen had, which made me feel better about my own lack of skills. It was the kitchens fault, not mine.

I lived in a small condo when Forrest and I started dating. He came over one time and mentioned he was hungry. I quickly thought of my latest recipe that I would make for him – I told him it would only take a few minutes and to wait patiently. I then proudly presented him with my favorite dish, “beans and bread” I called it. A simple meal of heated chili beans spread over soft bread – delicious! He grinned ear to ear and laughed adoringly at my efforts when he saw my creation. Let me just say, he knew what he was getting himself into when he asked me to marry him.  I eventually learned a few tricks in the kitchen, like what sauté means. But I started taking notes of the things I would do different in our next kitchen, as there were many more kitchens in our future.

No matter what type of kitchen you have, you can create both amazing food and life-long memories. However, there are things that can either make your kitchen work for you or inhibit your work.  We will be discussing things such as layout, counter top choice, access to outside, pantry efficiency and kitchen spaciousness, just to name a few.

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