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Home Buying Wants and Wishes

As you look at various properties, keep in mind the layout of the land, as this could impact your needs, wants and wishes that you have for your home. These will change over the years and will be unique to you. To give you some thoughts to think on, lets talk about a few that could apply to you. However, you will need to write out your own specific needs, current wants, and future wishes, and ask yourself if the property’s topography is supportive of your list. Here are just a few to consider:


Do you need to watch young children play outside while you cook or wash the dishes? What would be your line of sight from your kitchen? If your property is sloped, would you choose to have a deck or a daylight basement or both? How would either of those impact your ability to see or get to your children if they need you?


Even though we don’t want to think about aging, how would you or your family manage the land as you age? Would it be easy to maintain if you were injured or sick? If not, can you afford to hire landscaping services not only now but in retirement? How much would that cost?


A sloped property might have stairs leading to a deck or a side entrance. In the winter months, stairs will need to be maintained to prevent slipping or the formation of ice. In summer months, are you willing to maintain a wood deck by painting or staining, replacing rusty nails, lose railings or warped boards?

Future Development

Do you want a garden or livestock? Is an art studio or a shop something you would love to have someday? Will you need space on your property for a second dwelling for an elderly parent or to rent for passive income? Not only consider your own personal future development, but also look into the future development of the surrounding area. Read more about this in my Land Acquisition page.

It’s important to plan ahead. The main question to ask is how do you want to use your property, both now and in the future? And does this property provide the space and layout that you will need to make those dreams a reality?