White farmhouse with metal roof and ship-lap siding

Exterior Home Styles

Which One Says “Home”?

There are so many different exterior home styles! It’s important to know which exterior house style says “home” before you decide to build, remodel or purchase your next house. Some styles are more prevalent than others, depending on where you live and the history or weather of your region. For example, you will see more stucco homes in Arizona and California, due to the dry, warm climate of those areas and more Colonial homes in New England. Whether you live on the east coast or west coast or somewhere in between, the choice is up to you!

Let’s look at some of the more popular exterior styles for your home and why we love them (in alphabetical order):


The general term for a home on the beach; this style of house can range in style from Traditional to Modern. A Beach house is all about big open windows to take in the view as well as wrap around porches to enjoy outdoor living and the beautiful views of the beach. The main living areas are sometimes raised to allow for waves to flow underneath the house. These homes offer a relaxing space to enjoy the view of the water.


Maybe it has to do with going back to our roots, or possibly just the thought of sitting by a warm, crackling fire on a cold night makes us want to curl up in a cozy cabin for our home. Either way, there’s an appeal to living in a cabin that would make you feel like you’re on vacation everyday.


The Colonial architecture includes several style of homes inspired by the early English, French, Spanish, Dutch colonial settlers during the 1600s. Whether you love a Cape Cod home or a house with Dutch colonial features, there are a few features that encompass all the styles that come from the Colonial architecture: decorative entrances, symmetrical structures, balanced window placement, pitched roof and central hallway floor plan. These homes just radiate charm, both inside and out!


Contemporary architecture stems from the desire to design and build structures that are different from what was done in the past as well as what is commonly built now. It’s a way of designing that steps out of the box and adopts innovative concepts. Can you imagine the views these homes have with floor to ceiling windows? Talk about being one with nature!


The Cottage style of home originated in England. These homes are small with a storybook ‘fairy tail’ feel. For instance, they typically have rounded front doors, stone chimneys, and two stories verses a Bungalow, which is one story. You can’t help but love the cozy, charming features of the Cottage style home.


Characteristics of Craftsman architecture dates back to the Arts and Crafts movement between 1880 and 1920. You can spot a Craftsman home by the front porch, tapered columns and earthy exterior colors. Multi-pane windows and exposed rafters under the deep roof eaves also add to the Craftsman signature look. The Craftsman style is one of the most popular style of home, and we can see why!


The Modern home incorporates expansive windows, straight lines, as well as natural elements. From sleek modern lines to rustic exposed beams, the design features of this style can range according to your personal preference. Some modern homes look more contemporary, while others have more lodge style influences. Either way, we can all appreciate the clean lines of modern influence.

Modern Farmhouse

A Modern Farmhouse incorporates the utilitarian features of the traditional farmhouse, with the homey comfort and charm we all love. Ship-lap, metal roofs, board and batten siding, exposed reclaimed beams and barn doors are a few defining features that we love about this style.

Tiny House

The Tiny House movement was born from the desire to live with less, so life could be more fully experienced. Living in a Tiny House would compliment a minimalist lifestyle, as housing expenses would be lower and it would encourage the need to live simply. There is certain appeal to this kind of living; as living simply offers a particular kind of freedom that may not be experienced otherwise.


The term “Victorian Architecture” refers to all the styles that became prominent between 1830 through 1910, during the reign of Queen Victoria. Here are some key elements to this style home: narrow and tall, two or three stories, and vibrant colors. In addition, Victorian homes have decorative trim, bay windows, towers and turrets, as well as a complex asymmetrical shape. This type of house just makes me want a cup of tea…am I right?

Each style communicates something different.

A modern home with grander than life windows and vaulted ceilings will feel very different than a cozy cottage bungalow. Its important to think through which style of home you feel most comfortable in, rather than the ‘wow’ factor.

Don’t get me wrong, a modern home can feel just as cozy as a cottage bungalow. However, your environment impacts how you feel within a space. For example, when you go to a restaurant, do you like to get a booth in the corner of the room? Or, do you like the grand, spacious feel of being in a vaulted, airy room? Both architectural spaces welcome us in different ways. Consider a few scenarios to help narrow down your preference. Firstly, which exterior home style do you see yourself waking up in on a Saturday morning? Which style of home do you want to drive up to after a long day at the office? Similarly, does one style make you feel calm or at ease when you look at it? All exterior home styles can be called home. The choice is up to you!