Building a home is more than just finding a lot, having a floor plan drafted and waiting for the construction to be completed. It's a time intensive process of determining what your needs are, both now and in the future.

  • Property with a view

    Land Acquisition

    Waiting for the perfect property can be a strain on one’s patience. The rush of excitement when you think you found “the one” can be overwhelming, well, at least it can be for me. Looking at a raw piece of…

  • Pen on paper with typed financial budget

    How Much House Can You Afford?

    Whether you plan on building, remodeling or purchasing an existing home, sticking to a budget can become difficult if you do not have a plan in place. The excitement of buying a house, especially your forever home, can sometimes cloud…

  • Home design board with various colors and textures

    Know Your Style Before You Build

    Before you schedule a meeting with a builder or interview an architect, it is important to know the style of home you would like to build. These details will be the foundation on which you decide your home building team.…

  • Woman blowing a wish on pathway

    Home Buying Wants and Wishes

    As you look at various properties, keep in mind the layout of the land, as this could impact your needs, wants and wishes that you have for your home. These will change over the years and will be unique to…