rolling dough on wood countertop

Beauty Isn’t Just Counter Deep

My mother-in-law knows that cooking is not my favorite thing to do. When we come over to visit and a meal is being prepared, my chosen and most preferred role is typically the clean-up. Regardless of how I contribute, her kitchen always has felt like home to me. Whether she is canning cherries they picked from their property or making her famous pecan pie, she works tirelessly to provide homemade memories to enjoy as a family around the table. Her kitchen has provided a place of love of cuisine for her children and grandchildren.

When you think of a beautiful kitchen, you might think of the latest design trends. However, when I think of a beautiful kitchen, I think of her kitchen, whose counter-tops have been loved so hard over the years that they have a deeper beauty because of the memories made. Counter-tops, cabinets, trendy knobs or faucets, even the layout is only surface deep. As we discuss the design features or elements of a kitchen or home, keep in mind that those who gather together in love within that space make your home truly beautiful.