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My mom tells the story that her grandmother loved to move so often that her husband came home to find that she had moved! I must have inherited that from her. My name is Olivia Collins and I have lived in 22 houses in 33 years. I was not raised in a military home or moved because of job relocation. We just moved a lot. I loved every aspect of it too. As I grew up, we would spend a lot of our Saturdays walking through half built homes in the “stick phase” as we called it, trying to figure out where all the rooms were located, how the floor plan flowed, and the pros and cons of each house were discussed. When the decision came to move to a new house, I began the much-loved process of making my room my own.

Fast forward to Today…

Now I am married to my ‘bud’, Forrest, since 2009, and we have lived in 9 homes in the 9 years we have been married, 5 of those we owned, and I have loved making each house our home (until the next one…). When we are not moving houses, we are raising three amazing girls in Newberg, Oregon. Our dream is to build our ‘forever’ home in the country, and if we are continuing with the dream scenario, the land would have a beautiful oak tree and a bubbling creek.

Quirk or No Quirk: I Love Home Design!

One of the things you should know about me is that I am a 5 on the Enneagram, and I love to research things; especially things that have to do with houses! Over the years, I have paid a lot of attention to how a house did or did not work, the drawbacks to certain layouts or how the finishes impact the overall functionality of the house. According to my ‘bud’, I have spent too much time thinking about these details, but when we build our ‘forever’ house someday, he will be glad I did. Thankfully, he understands that researching home design is my passion and brings me so much joy. To give you some perspective, here are just a few examples of what I would read about any given evening (and write about!):

  • Which countertops are best for heat and stain resistance?
  • What size family room makes for the most comfortable conversations?
  • Which built-ins improve a room’s versatility the most?
  • When you walk into a house, how does the lighting and ceiling height impact how you feel within a space.
  • How to design ergonomically correct kitchen cabinets that provide the best storage capacity.

As you can see, I love learning about how your space impacts how you live within your home. It’s more than just researching which paint color to choose, or which kitchen trends are popular (although I write about this, cause let’s be honest, I am obsessed with these things too!!). I am talking about researching how a house can be architecturally inviting, while being a well-functioning home.

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Olivia Collins | Creator of I Heart Home Design and Tongue & Groove

Olivia Collins | Creator of I Heart Home Design and Tongue & Groove