Exterior of Ryan Group's Modern Mountain Masterpiece

A Modern Mountain Masterpiece

Few homes expand our definition of a ‘one of a kind’ home. This modern mountain home plays on our familiarity of homes with gable-like roofs, wood siding and expansive windows, however its stature is unlike anything we have seen. Brendan Riley, with Ryan Group Architects, exceeded expectations when creating this all-encompassing design. Teaming up with Crestwood Construction, this 5400 sq ft home boasts a private view on over 3 acres. Strategically placed windows envelop the home with sunlight while the roof is perfectly pitched with just enough modern angles to keep you wanting more.

Before entering this home, you are greeted by a seamless sight-line, which draws our attention to the wooden, gabled ceiling of the entryway, unifying the outside in. The expansive windows remove any exterior barrier, while the eaves extend toward you, welcoming you into this one of a kind home.

The entrance and backyard patio bookend both sides of this light filled entrance. Interior gabled lines guide you to the home’s various destinations; the guest quarters or main living area, depending on which way you turn. Coat hooks provide an informal drop-zone, inviting you to stay a while.

There’s nothing quite like bringing the outdoors in, and Ryan Group Architects executed on that perfectly. The impressive 53-foot-long gable is a spectacular feature alone, not to mention the glass slide-away pocket doors on both ends of the room. The space not only connects us with nature through the opening of the expansive pocket doors, but the texture of the wood ceiling reiterates the importance of bringing the outdoors in. A truly seamless transition.

Moving from vaulted gabled ceilings, the kitchen sits beneath a lower pitched, modern roof line. This naturally provides an alcove-like space for everyone to congregate, both in conversation and meal prep alike. The space holds both warm and cool tones harmoniously, thanks to the design eye of Annie MacFadyen, Ryan Group’s own interior designer.

The private master bedroom wing takes on the expansive gabled ceilings while still uniting you with nature. A beautiful concrete fireplace offers a natural focal point without taking away from the attention the forested view deserves. The redwood wrapped chimney is centered between full length scenic windows, bringing warmth, texture and undeniable ambiance to the room.

This home won the 2019 Tahoe Mountain Home Awards. Ryan Group’s understated, yet exquisite design surpasses expectation while naturally creating a modern mountain masterpiece. Every angle formed, material used, and technique employed came together to create a truly ‘one of a kind’ home.

Professionals Involved

Special thanks to Jeffrey Freeman for granting me permission to use his amazing photos. Ryan Group Architects created this one of a kind home. Crestwood Construction carefully put hammer to nail. And Annie MacFadyen, RGA’s own interior designer, designed it beautifully.

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