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A place of your very own can bring comfort and a sense of belonging. It is a proud moment when you hold the keys to your new home for the first time. Even before you sign on the dotted line, the dreaming begins! For instance, where do you want to live, or what style of house do you like best? Should you choose a one level or two? What’s your budget? Should you build, remodel or purchase a house? The list goes on and on…as it should. Narrowing down exactly what you need, both now and in the future, is essential to finding a home you love. I ❤ Home Design is your all-in-one home design resource to help you build, remodel or purchase wisely.

Man and woman crossing arms as they consider their home design options.
You may find yourself uncertain of the process or which questions to ask along the way. You may assume you understand what you are purchasing, only to realize you wished you would have known more.

All too often, we focus on the excitement of it all and forget to ask the important questions. For instance, what do you need to know before you meet with an architect? When should you hire a builder? Should you hire a designer? What steps should you do first, second or third? Be informed! Know how you need to proceed and feel confident as you make those important decisions.

Be Informed & Inspired!

It’s good to gather all the information we need to make important home buying decisions. However, sometimes you just don’t want to think for a minute and just let your dreams be inspired! From the latest kitchen design features to the most inviting paint colors, all the important details will be covered. You will be sure to find all kinds of Pinterest-worthy inspiration to satisfy your need for what’s trendy and timeless. Browse various blog articles and most importantly, be sure to follow I ❤ Home Design on Pinterest!

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It’s essential to have an informative and inspirational resource to help you navigate your buying, remodeling or purchasing experience. However, this won’t just come from me. Stay up to date with what you need to know by joining I ❤ Home Design’s Tongue & Groove! (COMING SOON!)

Tongue & Groove is a place where you can ask questions and get valuable advice from people who have built, remodeled or purchased their home. Share your own design process, as well as ‘before and after’ pictures with others who love home design as much as you! To sum it all up, everyone benefits when we share our experience, advice, and ‘wish we would have’s’. Tongue & Groove is launching soon! When you submit your email, you will be first to know when Tongue & Groove launches! Be sure to tell other home design fanatics about Tongue & Groove! The more the merrier! You will all be glad you joined!